Benefits of being member of Inlaw Alliance

Inlaw member firms belong to a selected group of Ibero-American lawyers with a consolidated practice of legal consultancy for international clients. The alliance seeks the professional and personal improvement of each and every one of its members through the following: careful selection of participating firms, exchange of highly qualified professional opinions, a process of continuous training, and above all, the highest level of customer service.

  • Exclusivity belonging to a select group of lawyers and firms of recognized prestige in the Ibero-American region and allied countries.
  • Regional visibility for their firm and practice within the society of lawyers and their clients.
  • Selectivity, having the possibility to develop relationships with firms that have been carefully examined and researched before they enter into the alliance.
  • Relationships which go beyond merely professional aspects to integrally enrich the human being.
  • International business development through the territorial exclusivity offered by the alliance.
  • Rapid and direct access to the legal knowledge and experience of recognized law professionals in the region.
  • Continuous improvement in legal practice and their business as a firm by standardizing processes and values promoted by the alliance.
  • Cultural enrichment through visits to member firms and the annual alliance meeting, which is held in a different country each year, and to enjoy important cultural, social, historical and gastronomical native aspects of the host country.

Inlaw offers valuable benefits to improve your professional practice and to obtain sustained growth for your firm.

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