Our Commitment

InLaw Alliance Values:

Inlaw is made up of a select group of Ibero-American firms that are characterized by a profound knowledge of the region’s legal and business environment.

With the aim of providing a service of the highest international quality, the alliance member firms must adhere to strict standards and unique culture of service, sustained over what are known to be the fundamental values shared by each one of the professional members.

  • Orientation to People: The alliance, was envisioned in a context of clients and collaborators, seeks to serve as a bridge to union and development between the entire Ibero-American region and the world.
  • Orientation to International Business: The members have a profound knowledge of both the legal and business environment in their country of practice, as well as the region, contributing to the success of their clients.
  • Customer Service: All members of the alliance make a commitment to provide the very best consultancy and legal assistance to all of their clients equally, adjusting to the highest standards of customer service on an international level.
  • Professional and Personal Development: The alliance serves as a valuable instrument of professional and personal development for each of the members, which allows the client to receive the best professional attention available in the region.
  • Recognized Prestige: Firms are selected based on the highest standards in terms of professional participants who have the highest academic training at a national and international level.
  • Quality and Efficiency: To be able to serve as an instrument of regional development, top-quality legal services are provided through efficient processes that allow the client to reduce costs and concentrate on the optimization of earnings.
  • Commitment: Each member firm takes on the commitment to hold themselves to the highest standards of the profession to safeguard and aid in the development of their clients’ interests and assets.
  • Diligence: Each firm member is required to report back to the Alliance on results of the clients obtained through the Alliance to ensure that each one receives the diligent and professional treatment they deserve.

Inlaw is a regional association which provides high-quality legal services to international clients through an alliance of firms that are recognized experts in different areas of legal practice, all related to the needs of international business.

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