Message from the President

Francisco Santillán Almeida

Presidency Period 2006-2017

“At some point in our lives, all of us feel the need to achieve greatness, beginning with the desire for our actions to reach a positive and satisfactory conclusion while facing reality and the need to apply constant learning and improvement in order to become a moral and ethic being in every sense of the word.


On a professional level, all law firms at some point have also looked at the future in the same way, seeking out the challenge of going beyond borders, getting to know people, broadening horizons in terms of services and clients; they seek to become part of the immense process we call globalization which generates an economical, technological, social and cultural communication and interdependence with the goal of unifying markets and societies.


Seen from this perspective, globalization has led increased global competition. In the legal market, the first to prepare themselves for competing in this new context have been the large legal consulting firms.


Faced with this reality, it is our priority to take advantage of the strengths and benefits that smaller law firms provide, and to create an identity or brand to reflect their presence in the market through a Network, and the enormous support that can be obtained from it, if we are able to organize and think globally, to become broadly competitive for our clients.


This interest is what has motivated the members of Inlaw Alliance of Law Firms to create, maintain, and update our network. Such interest has led us to believe that together, generating strategies and promoting our brands, it would possible to compete on the global market and be more than just another version of normal. In addition, if we are able to add the aspect of customer service that allows our clients to see us as what we truly provide, which is an intangible concept that turns possibilities into realities, we will be sure of having set our course perfectly.


The member offices of Inlaw are firms of recognized prestige, with a similar vocation for customer service and orientation to the market, which unmistakably leads them in a direction of growth and transcendence that aids their clients in their different latitudes and areas of practice.”