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Inlaw Alliance will be governed by the Assembly of Firms made up of one representative from each of the member Firms. The Assembly will choose four of the five members of the Board of Directors. The Assembly will ensure that, in appointing the Directors, regional representation is balanced between Central America, the Caribbean, South America, and Europe. The Assembly will meet in person once per year in the place agreed upon in the preceding assembly.
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The Board of Directors, appointed in the first meeting, will elect the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and two Members of the Board from among its directors; of the two members, one shall be appointed to act as Executive Secretary, with full voting and speaking privileges. The other member of the board will fulfill the office that they are assigned by the Board of Directors. The President will have the deciding vote.

The members of the Board of Directors remain in office for two years and will meet virtually or in person, at least, three times a year in ordinary session, and in extraordinary session whenever a meeting is convened. The President or two directors shall convene the meetings.

The duties of the President shall be those appropriate to the office and those assigned to him or her by the Assembly or the Board of Directors. The Vice President’s duties will be those assigned to him or her by the President.

In the event that it is impossible to remain in office or in the case of the President’s definitive absence, for whatever reason, he or she shall be replaced by the Vice President for the time remaining in his or her term. In the case of impossibility to remain in office or definitive absence of any other member, the Board of Directors shall designate the replacement member, who shall hold said the office for the time remaining in the term.

The Executive Secretary shall hold the office for the time determined by the Board of Directors, which may revoke his or her appointment at any time.

In any case, it is clearly stated that there is no employment or representation relationship whatsoever between the Administrators and Inlaw, nor between the Board of Directors and Inlaw.

The territorial district assigned to each Law Firm at the time of its admission shall be its exclusive area of professional influence. No other law firms shall be admitted that could affect this exclusivity without either the favorable opinion or justified opposition by the member firm, except in the case of countries with a large territory, such as the United States, Canada, Brazil, and Mexico, in which more than one law firm may be accepted as a member. To present oppositions, an extraordinary assembly will be convened to resolve the case and will give preference to the member firm’s interests.

Former Board of Directors 2016

  • President: Francisco Santillán (Santillán Abogados, Quito, Ecuador)
  • Vice President: Rubén Castillo Gill Sr. (Mendoza, Arias, Valle y Castillo, Panamá, Panamá)
  • Executive Secretary: Executive Secretary: Augusto Arce (GLC Abogados, San José, Costa Rica)
  • Treasurer: Ángeles Solana (MS y Asociados, Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • Members of the Board: Juan Carlos Orozco (Orozco Leyton, Managua


Board of Directors 2018

  • President: Alberto Montezuma Chirinos. Montezuma Abogados – Peru –
  • Vice President: Ángeles Solana. MSO Abogados – Argentina –
  • Executive Secretary: Rafael Machado. Machado, Leites & Bueno Advogados – Brazil –
  • Treasurer: Juan Carlos Orozco. Orozco & Leyton Abogados – Nicaragua –
  • Members of the Board: Carlos De Cores Damiani. Superville-De Cores Abogados – Uruguay –
  • Members of the Board: Gustavo Mejia Ricart. Bufete Mejia Ricart & Asociados – Dominican Republic –

Former Board of Directors 2020

  • President: Ángeles Solana. MSO Abogados – Argentina
  • Vice President: Juan Carlos Orozco. Orozco Leitón – Nicaragua.
  • Executive Secretary: Carmen González. Círculo Legal – España.
  • Treasurer: Carlos De Cores. Supervielle- De Cores – Uruguay.
  • Members of the Board: Rubén Castillo Roner. MAVCLEX – Panamá.
  • Members of the Board: Rafael Machado. Machado, Leite & Bueno. Advogados – Brasil.

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