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Responsibility, Passion, and Integrity

Ibero American Legal Firms NetworkIn 2006, law firms from several countries met in Panama City to found an international network providing legal and information services. This effort was based on the goal to provide global clients of the associated law offices with the responsibility and passion they demand in seeking out legal support. From the outset, Inlaw Alliance sought to break free from the misconception that implies that standardizing legal services means depersonalizing them.

Inlaw Alliance has developed its way of thinking on the basis of an association of up-and-coming legal firms, all of which share respect for ethics, assertive management, and passion for contributing to their clients’ growth and development.

After the charter meeting, meetings were held in Madrid, Buenos Aires, Quito, San Jose, Lima, and Managua. All of which resulted in the definite advantage that is gained by sharing experiences and plans for the future.

In 2013, under the leadership of Dr. Francisco Santillán (Ecuador), the IV Assembly was held in the historic city of Quito. Partners gathered from Argentina, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, and the host country, Ecuador. In this meeting, Inlaw Alliance agreed to improve its online platform to empower global efforts through technological advancements.

In 2014, beautiful Panama City was the seat of the alliance’s V Assembly, and the event was highlighted by incorporation of a new partner from Venezuela. Inlaw Alliance ratified the objectives established to further consolidate the association.

In 2015, San José, Costa Rica, was the elegant venue for the VI Assembly, which focused on reviewing the important results achieved through dedicated commitment by INLAW member firms.  The Assembly also had the pleasure of welcoming new partners from Peru and Guatemala.

INLAW has made a special commitment to the future, with the understanding that Law must be practiced to reflect the efficiency required by our clients.

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