Legal Recommendations to Invest in Guatemala

recomendaciones legales invertir guatemala

Legal Recommendations to Invest in Guatemala

Guatemala is characterized by a strong market in different business areas, banking, textiles, tourism, etc, achieving with this, foreign capital attracted to invest in the country. However, it makes necessary to indicate some issues legal to take in consideration, at the time of investing in Guatemala.

CREATION OF A COMPANY, BRANCH OR INDIVIDUAL COMPANY. Depending on the benefits, interests or needs that the client requests, must be analyzed if it is better to create a Company to operate in the country, register a branch office or create an individual Company.

MIGRATION TEMPORARY RESIDENCES. If the company needs to hire foreign workers, either to train national workers, to develop special projects or exercise a task that requires some expertise, it is necessary to request to Immigration Office, a temporary residence, which is awarded for two years to reside in Guatemala.

WORK PERMIT. If the company will rely on foreign workers, it is necessary to obtain a permit for special work with the Ministry of Labour.

REGISTRATION OF THE COMPANY TO THE MINISTRY OF WORK. One of the obligations of the company is to register in the Ministry of labour, so the book of wages, the internal work regulations, and work contracts must be registered.

REGISTRATION WITH SOCIAL SECURITY. When the company has more than three workers, you must register with Social Security

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